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Clarity And Compassion For Family Law And Criminal Defense Clients

When a family law issue, DUI/DWI, or other criminal charge throws your life into crisis, you need a team who can cut through confusion and help you reclaim control of your life. At the Law Office of J. Barrett Wilson, PLLC, we offer compassionate, experienced counsel that removes uncertainty, answers your questions, and provides you with concrete solutions. We understand that a divorce, child custody dispute, or criminal defense matter can seem overwhelming – and we are dedicated to reducing your stress, offering you peace of mind, and providing you with firm guidance towards a secure, sustainable future.

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Where Experience Builds Effective Solutions

Justin is the founding attorney and owner of the Law Office of J. Barrett Wilson, PLLC. He has his undergraduate and master’s degrees from Baylor University, and his juris doctorate from the SMU Dedman School of Law.

Justin draws on his wide range of experiences, in and beyond the legal world, to offer his clients intelligent, creative legal solutions. Before becoming an attorney, Justin was a career filmmaker and lecturer on film and cinematography at Baylor University. He is a skilled and passionate storyteller – which enables him to fully understand his clients’ situations, to carefully evaluate their experiences and goals, and to build compelling, effective cases in trial and mediation.

After leaving the film industry, Justin began his legal career as a prosecutor with the Collin County District Attorney’s Office. While serving the DA’s Office as a misdemeanor court chief, he received special recognition for his efforts to train and develop new prosecutors.  He taught courses on the legal aspects of DWI investigations to future officers studying at the academy.  Justin rose through the ranks to become a felony prosecutor before leaving the office to practice criminal defense.

In 2016, Justin began serving clients in private practice.  He has a passion for interest-based negotiation and creative problem solving.  For his criminal defense clients, Justin uses his background as a prosecutor to down the State’s case, finds any and every weakness, and fights for justice for his clients. For his family law clients, Justin finds what matters most to his clients and uses creative negotiating techniques to achieve his client’s goals. In all cases, he combines the insight and persuasive skill of a storyteller with the fierce dedication of a prosecutor to advance his clients’ rights.

From J. Barrett Wilson: The Story Behind The Name

“For those of you who don’t already know me, I go by Justin Wilson.  So, you’re probably wondering, ‘Why did he name is his firm the Law Office of J. Barrett Wilson, PLLC?’

As the story goes, before I was born, my parents were trying to figure out what my middle name should be.  My grandfather’s middle name was Eugene.  He passed that middle name down to my father.  But my parents chose to give me a unique middle name, and they picked Barrett.

When I was a child, I asked my parents why they picked Barrett.  I didn’t know anyone else with that name, first or middle, and I wasn’t sure what to make of it.  My parents said they thought that if I ever became a lawyer one day, ‘J. Barrett Wilson’ had a nice ring to it.

So, when I decided to strike out and start my own firm, I thought, ‘What better way to pay homage to my parents, who blessed me with so much, than to use the name they thought would fit a lawyer?’  And the Law Office of J. Barrett Wilson, PLLC, came into being.  But feel free to call me Justin.”

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