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What is a Writ Bond?

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2023 | Bail Bonds

A writ bond in Collin County, also known as an attorney writ bond or an attorney bond, allows the arrested person to post a bond and get out of jail before seeing a judge for magistration.  While not every county allows writ bonds, they are by far the quickest way to get your loved one released from jail in Collin County.  For more information, check out my video below and continue reading for additional details.

Normal bail bonds and personal bonds alike require the arrested person to sit in jail until he or she sees a judge in a process called magistration.  The law requires an arrested person to go through this magistration process within 48 hours of being taken into custody.  Depending on the circumstances, sometimes a person sees a judge quickly; sometimes the person sits in the Collin County Jail for a couple days.

I execute writ bonds 24/7 to secure the release of arrested individuals from the Collin County Jail in McKinney, the Plano Jail, the Frisco Jail, and the Allen Jail.  If your loved one is eligible for a writ bond, call me anytime, day or night, and I will help get your loved one released from a local jail as soon as possible.

Who is eligible for a writ bond in Collin County?

  • Anyone arrested in Collin County for a non-assaultive Class B or Class A Misdemeanor can secure release from jail via attorney writ bond.
  • Misdemeanor charges NOT eligible for writ bonds include Assault, Assault Family Violence, and all Class C Misdemeanors.
  • Furthermore, no felony charge is eligible for a writ bond.

How does the writ bond process work?

If you receive a phone call from a loved one stating they’ve been arrested and are in the custody of the Collin County Jail, Plano Jail, Frisco Jail, or Allen Jail, first, you’re welcome to call me anytime at 469-565-1221. We’ll work together to determine the charges for which your loved one was arrested and figure out if he or she is eligible for a writ bond.  I will call the jail that is holding your loved one, and once the arresting officer has completed the offense report, we’ll know the charges and can move forward with the next step. Once we know the charge(s), we look at the criteria listed above to determine if your loved one is eligible.

Next, you need to hire an attorney to execute the writ bond. Once you have hired an attorney, you have to pay the cash bond fee for each charge.

  • For all DWIs and Class A Misdemeanors, the bond amount for each charge is $500.
  • For all non-DWI Class B Misdemeanors, the bond for each charge is $350.
  • The writ bond works like a cash bond.  The money you pay, minus administrative fees, will be returned to you once the charges are disposed.  But if the arrested person violates any condition of bond, the court may forfeit the cash bond you have paid.

If your loved one was arrested on multiple charges, for example, DWI and Class B Possession of Marijuana, then the total cash bond amount would be:

  • $500 for the DWI charge
  • $350 for the Possession of Marijuana charge
  • For a total of $850

Once the fees have been collected, I will go to the jail that has your loved one in custody.  He or she will sign off on bond paperwork, and I will then submit the paperwork along with the cash bond money to the Collin County Jail’s bond desk.  After the bond is approved, the process will begin to release your loved one.

What if your loved one is not eligible?

Call me anyway. An arrest is a traumatic experience for both the person getting arrested and the people who care about them. You will likely have many questions, and the jail staff is not the most helpful. I am happy to fill in the gaps and remove the mystery of what happens after an arrest. Moreover, there are many reasons to hire an attorney quickly after an arrest, and I provide free consultations where we can discuss every aspect about the journey through the criminal justice system that lies ahead. Click here to schedule a free consultation. For more information about our firm, go to

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