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Tips for finding a divorce mediator

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2023 | Divorce, Mediation & Collaborative Law

The use of a mediator can reduce the time and money you spend during your divorce. Mediators allow you to reach an agreement on all applicable issues without the need for a lengthy Texas trial. If you believe that mediation suits your goals, consider the following tips when choosing one.

Practice area expertise

When you look for a mediator for your divorce, make sure you choose one with significant experience in handling divorces. The benefits of choosing an experienced mediator include:

  • They understand the procedural differences between a trial and a mediation.
  • They understand the common areas of disagreement that occur in divorce mediation.
  • They have experience in negotiation that attorneys may not have if they work exclusively in trials.

Compatible personality

After you choose your mediator, you will spend a significant amount of time working with them to finalize your divorce. You need to choose someone who listens to your concerns and can work with you fairly. If your personalities do not get along, you may not experience the savings in time and cost that mediation typically brings.

State standards

The requirements for a mediator vary depending upon the laws of the state. In Texas, mediators must meet the requirements of the Texas Alternative Dispute Resolution Act. These requirements include:

  • No less than 40 hours of classroom mediation training
  • At least 24 additional hours in family mediation training
  • Experience or expertise to make up for the lack of classroom training

Not all mediators in Texas need to have classroom training under the Alternative Dispute Resolution Act. But when you choose your mediator, these are qualifications you may consider in order to obtain the most experienced professional.