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The effects of a criminal record

On Behalf of | May 22, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Thousands of Texas residents who have been convicted of a crime are trying to get on with their lives. But it can be difficult to navigate through the world with a criminal conviction on your record.

And understanding of criminal law – criminal defense can help in minimizing your chances of being convicted of a crime in the first place, but sometimes there’s no avoiding a criminal charge. And post-conviction life can be difficult in several ways.

Employment difficulties due to a criminal record

One of the most daunting barriers in the way of people with a criminal record is in finding and maintaining employment. Many employers can investigate whether an applicant has a criminal record and deny employment based on that fact.

This is particularly true of jobs with licensing restrictions, ranging from nursing to cosmetology to counseling. Very frequently, those licenses require background checks and can exclude a person with a criminal record from being licensed.

As a result, people with criminal records tend to struggle with employment and have significantly higher unemployment rates than the general population.

Other difficulties a criminal record can cause

To begin with, employment difficulties can have knock-on effects. For example, those who struggle to find work will frequently also have trouble maintaining a home or apartment. As a result, homelessness affects those with criminal records at a higher rate.

In addition, a criminal record can impact housing opportunities in its own right and membership within social clubs and organizations. Even something like adopting a child can be impossible or extremely difficult due to a criminal record.

A criminal record can cause problems for people even after they pay their dues to society. From employment to housing to numerous other facets of life, a criminal record can prevent people from fully and productively participating in their post-conviction world.