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The Law Office of J. Barrett Wilson, PLLC, guides our clients through some of life’s most difficult seasons. We stand side-by-side with our clients as they navigate the turbulence of divorce, and offer creative solutions through mediation. We fight to preserve their child custody rights and enforce conservatorship obligations owed by the other side. We aggressively defend those facing all varieties of criminal charges, especially assault and DWI. We primarily focus our practice in Collin and Denton Counties but represent clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.


A suit for divorce focuses on confirming individuals’ separate property and dividing community property in a just and right manner. Property includes both assets and debts. Justin is equipped with the experience to engage in interest-based negotiation with the confidence to fight at trial.

Child Custody

Courts refer to conservatorship, possession, and access. Conservatorship relates parents who have legal rights to manage their children. Possession and access relate to visitation and how a parent spends time with their children. Justin will fight to preserve your rights as conservator of your children.


Unfortunately, parties don’t always follow the court’s orders. In divorce and child custody proceedings, courts will issue temporary orders for the parties to abide by until the judge signs the final decree. Justin utilizes motions to enforce to compel parties to play by the court’s rules when they choose not to.

Mediation & Collaboration

Mediators are professionals who help the parties in a family law case reach an agreed settlement. Most judges require the parties to attempt mediation before trial except in cases involving family violence. Collaborative law is a unique process where the parties work together to resolve their family matter.

Assault & Domestic Violence

Allegations of family violence carry serious consequences and can have a tremendous impact on divorce and child custody matters. Justin’s background as a prosecutor and defense attorney, combined with his knowledge of family law, helps provide excellent counsel for either side.


Anyone going through a divorce or custody battle knows that life circumstances can change for the better or worse. Financial changes impact child support. New jobs or relationships impact primary residence. Justin can file a suit for modification to change the decree to handle life’s changes, good or bad.

Driving While Intoxicated

Justin is certified in standardized field sobriety testing and has handled hundreds of DWI cases in Texas. He will stand by your side throughout the process, fighting the administrative license revocation, helping you get an occupational driver’s license, and defending you from prosecution.

Expunctions & Nondisclosures

An expunction completely destroys all traces of an arrest no matter how many charges arose out of that arrest. Nondisclosures seal a record from public view so that past crimes don’t show on employer background checks. Justin will determine your eligibility and clean up your record as the law allows.

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