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Overcome Uncertainty With Focused Family Lawyers

A family law issue can be one of the most uncertain and intimidating crises of your life. You may be unable to enter your own home, separated from your loved ones, or afraid that your children will grow up without you. If your partner has filed for divorce, accused you of domestic violence, or contested your right to see your children, you need clear answers and effective solutions from experienced Dallas family law attorneys. At the Law Office of J. Barrett Wilson, PLLC, we provide stability and clarity when you and your family need it most. While we are seasoned litigators, we place particular emphasis on our mediation services, and can help guide you and your loved ones towards cost-effective and sustainable compromises in family law disputes.

Personalized Service For A Full Range Of Family Law Issues

At the Law Office of J. Barrett Wilson, PLLC, our family lawyers provide dedicated, insightful counsel to parents and spouses navigating a full range of family law issues. These include, but are not limited to:

In each case, we meet directly with our clients to fully understand their situation, thoroughly evaluate their goals, and create a legal strategy tailored to their needs.

Insight And Creativity Through Mediation

While divorce, child custody, or spousal support issues can go to court, the mediation process can guide parties to durable compromises – avoiding the cost and hostility of extensive litigation. In mediation, those seeking a divorce or modifications to their post-divorce arrangements, as well as their attorneys, meet directly with one another to negotiate solutions to their disagreements. A neutral mediator manages the conversation, moving it toward productive solutions.

Both J. Barrett Wilson and Justin Harris are certified family law mediators. We are prepared to represent parties through mediation, and to serve as neutral mediators. We combine a comprehensive knowledge of our clients’ goals with an ability to think outside the box – resolving conflicts with creativity and insight.

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